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Muscatine citizens seek voice in state’s suit against grain processor

A group of 40 Muscatine citizens known as Clean Air Muscatine (CLAM) is seeking to have its voice included in the state’s lawsuit against an alleged corporate polluter, Grain Processing Corporation (GPC). In a lawsuit filed last month, The Iowa … Continue reading

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Cases of Chronic Wasting Disease found in deer near Iowa

As we reported last month, there has never been a confirmed case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Iowa. CWD is a fatal disease that affects deer, elk and moose, and causes microscopic holes to form in the animals’ heads. … Continue reading

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On the Radio: Safety tips for winter ice activities

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s segment suggests a number of safety tips for winter ice activities. Iowa’s frozen rivers and lakes can provide an excellent setting for a number of recreational activities – but … Continue reading

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USDA updates Plant Hardiness Zone Map

The United States Department of Agriculture released an updated version of the Plant Hardiness Zone Map (PHZM) this week, a tool often used by gardeners and researchers to determine the average annual lowest temperature at a given location during a … Continue reading

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Iowa lawmakers debate whistle-blowing methods on farms

Back in June, video footage surfaced of animal cruelty towards pigs at Iowa Select Farms. The video was filmed by investigators for the animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals. They were able to obtain the footage using a small undercover … Continue reading

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Controversial nuclear bill revived

A controversial bill that outlines steps for MidAmerican Energy to build a nuclear power plant in Iowa was revived and approved today by a Senate subcommittee. The bill, House File 561, failed to advance through the Senate last year. Critics … Continue reading

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Iowa sees major increases in protected land

This is slightly dated news that we missed, but is significant enough to still deserve a mention . . . The amount of land protected in Iowa continues to increase. Over the last five years, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation … Continue reading

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Iowa City recycling center to open on Earth Day

Iowa City officials overseeing the final construction stages of the city’s East Side Recycling Center say they hope to officially open the facility’s doors on April 22, Earth Day. “It’s come together and we’re in the last little bit and … Continue reading

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IGVA connects veterans to green jobs in Iowa

The Iowa Green Veterans AmeriCorps (IGVA) program is having great success connecting veterans to environmental employment across the state. Currently, there are 10 full-time veterans in the program. They are working with Habitat for Humanity in Des Moines and Cedar … Continue reading

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North Liberty to reconsider hunting within city limits

A 2003 ordinance that once allowed hunting within the North Liberty city limits may find its way back into the city code. The ordinance, which was removed during a recent update, allows hunters to use shotguns to hunt geese, and … Continue reading

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