Water quality loans in Iowa

Photo by Erin Tiesman; Flickr.
Photo by Erin Tiesman; Flickr.

Nearly 30 Iowa cities received $34 million in low-cost water quality loans through the State Revolving Fund at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The state hopes to aid cities in improving water quality while making it more affordable.

Some of the cities include Des Moines, North Liberty, Keokuk, and Ames.

To view the full list of cities receiving funding, head to The Des Moines Register.

North Liberty to reconsider hunting within city limits

Photo by Sumlin, Flickr.

A 2003 ordinance that once allowed hunting within the North Liberty city limits may find its way back into the city code.

The ordinance, which was removed during a recent update, allows hunters to use shotguns to hunt geese, and bows to hunt antler-less deer – so long as they’ve received a special permit from the city.

“They had to get the permission from landowners that they were hunting on,” said city administrator Ryan Heiar. “The hunting would be very restricted within the city, based on the rules the (Department of Natural Resources) has helped us to create.”

The ordinance was initially intended to control the population of geese and deer in the city.

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