Whiterock Conservancy deemed best place to watch the August meteor shower

Photo by C. Fredrickson Photography; Flickr

The time for August’s annual Perseid meteor shower has come and the best place to watch it is the Whiterock Conservancy located on 1390 Iowa 141, Coon Rapids, IA 50058

Iowa’s astronomers have claimed that Whiterock Conservancy, a nonprofit land trust, is one of the darkest places in Iowa making it the best place in the state to view the meteor shower.

The shower can be seen any time after dark, particularly from midnight to dawn,  the best time being 1:00 a.m. after the half-moon sets.

Also, amateur astronomers from all over the Midwest will come together Friday, August 30 at Whiterock Conservancy for their 9th Annual Star Party. The event will allow astronomy lovers to come together for several nights of stargazing, telescope comparing, and a banquet which will include a speech by a featured astronomer.

For more information about events at the Whiterock Conservancy, click here.

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