ProPublica Maps the Change in the Human Climate Niche

Via ProPublica

Maxwell Bernstein | January 13, 2021

This ProPublica article uses maps to highlight changes in the “human climate niche” as climate change advances. This niche includes regions that have been the most suitable for humans to live over the past 6,000 years. ProPublica highlights scenarios for how humans live throughout the United States. 

The article states that an increase in heat and humidity in the southern states will be a reason for a northerly push in the niche. This combination can cause heat stroke or death. ProPublica created maps that show extreme heat and humidity, wildfires, sea level rise, farm crop yields, and economic damages.

“Taken together, some parts of the U.S. will see a number of issues stack on top of one another — heat and humidity may make it harder to work outside, while the ocean continues to claim more coastal land,” ProPublica said. 

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