The vital importance of sustainable food

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Natalia Welzenbach-Marcu | February 19th, 2019

United Nations environment recently released a statement on the current issues with farming practices, and outlines the need for a more sustainable future for food.

Food-related issues continue to be one of the largest threats to our safety and to the safety of our environment. Over 800 million people still struggle to find enough food to survive. Those that have plenty to eat often have unhealthy diets that contribute to heart disease and other health issues that greatly shorten lifespans.

The practices employed by most modern farming businesses only add to the loss of biodiversity and the increase in greenhouse gases that continue affecting the average temperature of our planet. It’s fairly well known by know that one of the biggest contributors to deforestation is, in fact, the meat industry, burning down swaths of trees to clear room for cattle to graze.

The UN suggests, looking forward to a future that’s set to cap our global population at around 10 billion, a number of ways that may help us get a handle on our farming problem: utilize the land we have. Protect biodiversity. Use resources wisely and responsibly. Start leaning on other crops as food staples.

Partnering with Biodiversity International, UN Environment launched Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition–a program to encourage biodiversity in both farming practice and diets globally. With this initiative, and with articles and press releases bringing the issues of unsustainable farming into light, there is perhaps a way for us to continue feeding out ever-growing global population.

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