Metro Waste Authority helping Des Moines residents compost

An example of healthy compost (normanack / Creative Commons)
An example of healthy compost (normanack / Creative Commons)
KC McGinnis | April 12, 2015

With spring weather giving Iowans the chance to get started on yard work, the Des Moines Metro Waste Authority is encouraging Iowans to turn yard waste into compost.

Metro Waste Authority’s weekly waste collection program began March 28. The program allows Des Moines residents to have materials from their yards collected and transported to the Metro Compost Center, where the waste will be converted into nutrient-rich compost that can be used as a fertilizer and soil conditioner in other areas.

While the Metro Waste Authority is only collecting yard waste like grass clippings, leaves, and branches, anyone can compost at home using all kinds of organic materials. These should include a healthy mix of carbon-rich materials like leaves and wood chips and nitrogen-rich materials like kitchen scraps. All that’s required is a composting bin and periodic mixing. This compost can then be used as a soil-healthy alternative to chemical fertilizers.

For more information about Metro’s compost collection program click here.

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