EnvIowa Podcast Revived: Talking human/environment systems with Silvia Secchi

Dr. Secchi in the CGRER offices. Photo by Julia Poska, Jan. 2020. 

Julia Poska| February 3, 2019

The UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research is excited to announce the revival and reimagination of our EnvIowa podcast. This weekly podcast will feature 10- to 20-minute interviews with Iowa environmental experts, mainly our own member scientists.

While these researchers are certainly well versed in the complicated jargon of their disciplines, our interviews aim to make their ideas accessible to a general audience. Questions focus not only on the research itself, but how the experts believe it can be applied to solve environmental challenges.

Today’s installment features an interview recorded January 28 with Dr. Silvia Secchi, an interdisciplinary economist and geographer at the University of Iowa. Listen to learn more about Dr. Secchi’s fascinating research on human/environmental interactions in the Mississippi River watershed and how agriculture in particular plays a role within the larger system.

Listen here!



USDA announces $6 million wetlands project in Iowa

The Des Moines River. Photo by jimmywayne, Flickr.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday plans to spend $6 million on improvements to the Raccoon and Des Moines river watersheds.

The project, called the North Raccoon River Wetland Initiative, aims to improve wildlife habitat and water quality in the area while also taking measures to prevent flooding.

In total, the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service will spend $32 million to restore wetlands in seven states across the Mississippi River Basin.

For more information, read the full article at the Des Moines Register.