Tips for watering trees during the drought

Photo by iowa_spirit_walker, Flickr.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released a set of tips for watering trees during drought conditions.

They advise using buckets of water or a hose instead of sprinklers, since sprinklers are less efficient.

An area within and just beyond the canopy should be watered with one gallon of water per square foot. This should be done in the evening or early morning to avoid evaporation.

On weeks with no rainfall, trees should be watered one to three times.

Read more tips on watering trees here.

Video: use rain barrels to reduce water consumption

Found this great video via GreenIowa AmeriCorps’ Twitter page. This video demonstrates how to reduce water consumption by creating rain barrels. These barrels allow people to use rainwater for watering needs around the yard. According to the video, the average homeowner uses 40% of their household water in their yard during the summer.

Now is a great time for Iowans to build a rain barrel. Iowa’s rainy season goes from April through September. June has the highest average rainfall of any month in Iowa.