Pests show resistance to Monsanto corn plants

Photo by Patrick Dockens, Flickr

Could Monsanto Co.’s genetically modified corn plants cause the emergence of superbugs? That’s what findings by Iowa State University entomologist Aaron Gassmann suggest.

Gassman found that western corn rootworms at four Iowa fields developed a resistance to pesticides in the Monsanto plants. Continue reading

CGRER researcher helps trace China’s wavering air quality

Beijing spent more than $10 billion to improve its air quality some 30% during the 2008 Olympic Games. Just one year later 60% of those improvements had been erased, according to a new study co-authored by a CGRER researcher.

Naresh Kumar, assistant professor of geography at the University of Iowa, helped author the National Bureau of Economic Research study, which credited China’s authoritarian system for the quick shifts in air quality.


The Wall Street Journal Reports:

The measures taken in what the authors describe as “the largest natural experiment in air cleaning” in Olympic history were indeed huge: Coal, steel and chemical plants were shuttered, vehicle traffic was reduced and auto-emission standards were increased. Continue reading