Climate resilient military base coming to Florida

Diving into LFA7
Via: Flickr

Elyse Gabor | September 28, 2022

Due to climate change and worsening storms and weather, Florida is building a new military base. The base will be the first of its kind, strong enough to face increasing climate changes. The base will be built where Tyndall Air Force Base once stood before it was destroyed by Hurricane Michael in 2018.  

Col. George Watkins, the commander of the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall, said, “We’re focused on making sure that as we rebuild, that the base is resilient, and that we can continue this mission here for many, many years.” 

The new base will be built to weather the increasing and more severe storms that hit the Florida coast. This comes after the Pentagon labeled climate change as a risk to national security. Following the Army’s strategy guidelines, the base will feature buildings that are designed to withstand hurricanes that are labeled as Category 5.  

 The base is expected to be finished and ready for use in 2026, with construction costs of around $5 billion.