How Clean are Iowa’s Waters?

The answer to the question posed above is “not very” at best, and “filthy” at worst. Much of Iowa’s water pollution comes from farm runoff like fertilizers and herbicides.

Check out this harrowing map of data compiled by the New York Times as part of its thorough series “Toxic Waters.” It pinpoints facilities in Iowa that have racked up violations of the Clean Water Act. In Muscatine, two facilities have over 100 violations since 2004. Those plants haven’t been inspected since 2005 and 2006 respectively. Check out the different state map to compare Iowa’ records to other states, like Nebraska and South Dakota.

More on Iowa’s dirty water:

Later on this blog, we’ll have some in-depth information about UI alum Lou Licht, who is using poplar trees to zap clean pollution from water, air and land.

Here are some Licht-related links as a little preview: