Iowa DNR trains volunteers to monitor wildlife

Photo by smalleraperture, Flickr.
Photo by smalleraperture, Flickr.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is training volunteers around Iowa to help monitor the state’s wildlife.

The volunteers will get trained in February, March and April to monitor either raptors and colonial waterbirds or frogs and toads.

Monitoring these populations can indicate issues with different wildlife habitats. For instance, the frogs and toads depend on clean water, so a decline in their population may indicate a lack of clean water sources.

For more information on the training sessions, click here.

UI to release field guides on Midwestern frogs, toads and turtles

Photo by Mahalie Stackpole, Flickr.

The University of Iowa Press will release two new guides on some Midwestern wildlife on Nov. 22.

Read more from a UI news release below:

Two new Bur Oak Guides — Turtles in Your Pocket and Frogs and Toads in Your Pocket — will become available from the University of Iowa Press on Nov. 22.

Both laminated, fold-out pocket guides were written by Terry VanDeWalle, a senior biologist with Stantec Consulting, and feature photographs by Suzanne L. Collins, an executive officer of the Center for North American Herpetology. Continue reading