Proposed plans to rebuild fire damaged Iowa City landfill

Photo by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Flickr.
Photo by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Flickr.

The Iowa City landfill that was damaged during this summer’s fire could soon be rebuilt.

The city council is considering plans to rebuild the landfill today. If approved, the project will likely be completed this summer.

Plans for the new landfill will include new precautions to prevent fire.

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Iowa City Landfill fire covered

Millions of tires burned during the 15-day fire at the Iowa City Landfill. Photo courtesy of Aneta Goska and the Iowa Flood Center.

The Iowa City Landfill is once again open to the public following a series of fire-extinguishing efforts.

The “stir, burn, and cover” operation that began June 4, which started by stoking the flames to accelerate the consumption of fuel, ended Sunday as the smoldering remains were covered by a layer of clay.

The tires are expected to burn beneath the layer of clay for at least a few days, and during the time city officials are directing their efforts on containment.

“It could be several weeks,” Geoff Fruin, assistant to Iowa City manager Tom Markus, said Monday. “We’ll monitor the temperatures below the surface. We’ll be able to see any continued burning through surface burning or smoke that breaks the cap.”

The landfill may still occasionally produce smoke, and fire crews will remain on-site to monitor the situation, but no large plumes or flare ups are expected.

Iowa Flood Center radar remains safe from landfill fire

Photo by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Flickr.

Researchers at the Iowa Flood Center are crossing their fingers that the Iowa City Landfill fire wont affect one of their sensors.

One of their mobile weather radar units is located at the landfill. So far it has avoided damage, but the Iowa Flood Center engineers will continue to monitor the situation closely. The radar provides rainfall intensity data for the Clear Creek watershed.

The Iowa Flood Center plans to clean the radar once the fire is extinguished.

Read more about the radar from the Iowa Flood Center’s website here.

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