National Stress Awareness Day

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Maxwell Bernstein | November 4, 2020

The first Wednesday in November is Stress Awareness Day, and it happens that this year’s National Stress Awareness Day is occurring during a close election and a once in a century pandemic. 

Whether your stress is induced by COVID-19, the election, environmental issues, or any other factor, the Cleveland Clinic has a list of stress-relieving tips that you can apply during stressful situations. 

The Cleveland Clinic recommends that people, eat and drink to optimize health, exercise regularly, stop using nicotine products, practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or mindfulness meditation, reduce triggers of stress, examine your values and take action that reflects them, say no when necessary, set realistic goals and expectations, and remind yourself of what you are doing well. 

If getting out of the house is a way to destress, you can check out the Iowa DNR list of state parks and go on a hike in the trails. For further resources, check out the CDC’s guide for coping with stress during the pandemic.