Iowa City Landfill fire update

The Iowa Flood Center mobile weather radar unit stationed at the Iowa City landfill. Photo courtesy of Aneta Goska and the Iowa Flood Center.

The City of Iowa City released an update yesterday concerning the ongoing fire at the Iowa City Landfill.

The city advised residents in the path of the smoke plume to avoid exposure – particularly those who have conditions which could be aggravated by the smoke. Various organizations including the Johnson County Health Department, the State Hygienic Laboratory, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources continue to monitor the region’s air quality.

Additionally, the Iowa City Fire Department is planning to conduct a operation known as “stir, burn and cover,” in which they will stir the burning tires to accelerate the consumption of remaining fuel sources and then cover the remains in a layer of clay soil to suppress the fire.

For more information, read the full City of Iowa City press release, and check out a live webcam of the fire, here.