Snow crab population decrease has detrimental effects on Alaska

Crabbing the mouth of the Holy loch .
Via: Flickr

Elyse Gabor | October 19, 2022

Alaska’s snow crab season would be underway, but due to a massive population decrease, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has canceled the snow crab season. Scientists and officials anticipate that the cancellation will help the crab population increase.  

Cran boat captain, Dean Gribble Sr., who has been fishing for crabs for over 50 years said, “It’s going to be life-changing, if not career-ending, for people.” He went on to say, “A lot of these guys with families and kids, there’s no option other than getting out. That’s where the hammer is going to fall — on the crew.” 

Alaskan people rely on snow crab fishing for income, so this year’s cancellation has affected the state’s people and economy. This is the second year in a row that the season has been canceled. Scientists are unaware of why the crabs are disappearing, but global warming and rising temperatures in the oceans are likely reasons, as Alaska is warming at alarming rates.