Environmental focus on RAGBRAI’s hosts: Sioux Center

Photo by dwcouch, Flickr,

Over the summer we will highlight the environmental efforts of RAGBRAI’s host communities.

The seven-day bike ride across Iowa begins in Sioux Center on July 21st. Sioux Center has implemented a series of initiatives in recent years to better the city’s environment.

Since 2009, Sioux Center has hosted an annual E-Cycle Event focusing on the proper disposal of recyclable electronics. This past year, 27,334 lbs of electronics were recycled.

Sioux Center is also active in addressing energy concerns. The city offers discounted home energy audits to limit energy waste and lower energy bills. Sioux Center also offers a wind energy option for homes through their RiverWinds program.

Learn more about Sioux Center from the city’s website here.

Des Moines Register reveals fun facts about 2012 RAGBRAI towns

RAGBRAI participants will be able to see the world's largest popcorn ball. Photo by VideoVik, Flickr.

The Des Moines Register has created a blog post with details about all the towns RAGBRAI riders will pass through this year.

RAGBRAI is a weeklong non-competitive bike ride across Iowa. This year marks its 40th anniversary. RAGBRAI will start on July 22nd in Sioux Center.

One of the first towns that the riders will pass through is Sac City. The Register’s blog post offered this note on the town:

The Sac County Cattle Company was named maker of Iowa’s best burger in 2010, and there is now a barn that houses the world’s largest popcorn ball. The 5,200- pound, 28.8-foot-at-the-equator behemoth was created in 2009 but is actually the third attempt at popcorn ball fame by proud Sac Citiers.

Read more about the RAGBRAI towns here.