Iowa hopes for increased participation in National Walk to School Day

Photo by OSDE, Flickr.

National Walk to School Day is next Wednesday, and schools across Iowa are encouraged to participate.

Last year, 72 schools participated in Iowa. People involved in the program hope that number increases to over 100 this year.

Back in 1969, 41 percent of students walked or biked to school. In 2001, that percentage was down to 13.

This is bad news for both children’s health, and the health of our environment.

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On the Radio: DNR works to reduce school bus pollution

Photo by freefotouk, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s segment focuses on the efforts of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to reduce the pollution caused by Iowa school buses.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working to limit the pollution caused by busses transporting our children to school.

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DNR offers grant to reduce diesel emissions from school buses

Photo by GreenWhiteOrange

Through the DNR’s Bus Emissions Education Program, Iowa school districts can receive grants to help reduce the Diesel emissions of their buses. Districts can apply for one of two options. Continue reading