On The Radio – Petition to strengthen regulation for livestock operations denied

A confined dairy feeding lot in northeastern Iowa. (Iowa State Univesity)
Jenna Ladd | October 16, 2017

This week’s On The Radio segment discusses how a recent attempt to strengthen regulatory standards for livestock facilities in Iowa was shut down by the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission. 

Transcript: A petition to make it more difficult to build animal feeding operations in the state of Iowa was recently denied by the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

Under current law, applicants seeking to construct livestock facilities must meet only 50 percent of the state’s master matrix of rules and regulations pertaining to the structures. The petition, filed by two environmental groups, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Food & Water Watch, requested that applicants meet at least 86 percent of the matrix’s requirements.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources sided with the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission and recommended against passing the petition, both groups said that the proposed changes would be too stringent. Proponents of the petition pointed out that just two percent of applicants are denied permission to construct livestock feeding operations in the state of Iowa.

The current animal feeding operation master matrix was developed fifteen years ago by state lawmakers.

For more information, visit iowa-environmental-focus-dot-org.

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Betsy Stone.

Lead shot regulation faces opposition

Lead shot is often used in the hunting of mourning doves.

A pair of legislative panels today voted in favor of abolishing a state administrative rule that would ban the use of lead shot in the hunting of mourning doves. It is predicted that the Iowa House and Senate will agree to nullify the regulation as early as next week.

The regulation was originally proposed by the Natural Resource Commission, a citizen panel appointed by the governor.

Many hunters use lead shot as an effective and inexpensive alternative to other types of ammunition, but environmental advocates argue that lead pellets harm the environment by poisoning the animals that inadvertently ingest them.

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