Propane autogas looks to break into American auto industry

Photo by Steve Pollock, Flickr

Americans hear about electricity and natural gas powered vehicles almost everyday.  However, there is another fuel used to run cars that is getting a little less airtime in the United States.

Read more from the New York Times below:

Texas tycoon T. Boone Pickens has made himself the face of the natural gas industry. The flamboyant oil man has invested millions in his push to fuel cars with natural gas and is trailed by cameras and microphones during his frequent visits to Capitol Hill.

Pickens’ ability to grab attention for natural gas is much envied by its underdog rival, propane autogas.

Natural gas “is getting all the publicity, and we don’t want to be disadvantaged,” said Stuart Weidie, the leader of the industry group Autogas for America. “We’re not an experimental deal. We’re here, we’re available.”

But propane autogas — a popular fuel in the rest of the world — has yet to catch on in the United States. Weidie’s group is trying to change that but has made little headway with consumers and policymakers so far. Most Americans consider propane as a fuel for a barbecue, not a car, and the industry’s lobbying hasn’t been up to the task of changing that perception. Continue reading