Iowa Public Radio: “Ag-gag” bills failed in 2013

Photo by Liberation BC; Flickr

“Ag-gag” refers to laws that make it illegal to photograph or shoot videos of internal operations of farms where food animals are being raised.

Animal rights groups  say abuse happens regularly out of view of the public and the law, and to expose it, they have to send in activists posing as ordinary workers, armed with video cameras.

Three states signed ag-gag bill into law in 2011 and 2012, setting new legal precedents. This year,  15 ag-gag bills were introduced in 11 states, but not a single one passed. 

For the full story, head over to Iowa Public Radio. 

Iowa teams up with the UI

Photo by miss604; Flickr

Iowa is linking its research on water and geological resources with the University of Iowa.

The University of Iowa and the state Department of Natural Resources have reached a cooperative agreement that will transfer some groundwater and geological research to the school’s Department of Hydroscience and Engineering.

The university’s new responsibilities include surveying Iowa’s natural resources in all their economic and scientific aspects, as well as making topographic maps and studying the state’s geological problems.


The Great March for Climate Action

Former Iowa lawmaker Ed Fallon has organized one of the largest marches in US history, aiming to raise awareness about global climate change. Close to 1000 supporters will march from coast to coast.

The movement will start in Santa Monica, California, and end in Washington D.C., hopefully changing hearts and minds along the way.

The eight-month endeavour is powered by volunteers, sponsors, and donors.

To learn more, click here or head to the Great March for Climate Action’s website.