Branstad: ‘This is a war on corn.’

Photo by Gage Skidmore; Flickr

At a news conference in Nevada, Iowa, Gov. Terry Branstad addressed the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules that scale back the national transportation fuel supply use requirement by a few billion gallons.

“We’re not just fighting big oil, we’re fighting ignorance,” he said. “We’re fighting ignorance of ethanol.”

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Iowa adding two cellulosic ethanol plants

Photo by swanksalot, Flickr.
Photo by swanksalot, Flickr.

The ethanol industry is building plants in many states that will convert corn plant residue, wood scraps and garbage into additives for fuel.

Two of these plants will be built in Iowa – one in Nevada and one in DuPont. The DuPont facility will be the largest cellulosic ethanol plant in the nation. It’ll be completed in 2014 and will cost $200 million.

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