Branstad: ‘This is a war on corn.’

Photo by Gage Skidmore; Flickr

At a news conference in Nevada, Iowa, Gov. Terry Branstad addressed the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules that scale back the national transportation fuel supply use requirement by a few billion gallons.

“We’re not just fighting big oil, we’re fighting ignorance,” he said. “We’re fighting ignorance of ethanol.”

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DuPont to bring ‘next-generation’ ethanol plant to Nevada

Photo by Brandon Cripps, Flickr

Nevada, Iowa will soon be home to a new kind of ethanol plant.  DuPont’s new plant will use corncobs, leaves and stalks as feedstock instead of corn in its production.

Read more of the Des Moines Register’s coverage here:

Nevada will be the site of one of the world’s few next-generation ethanol plants, DuPont announced Monday.

The biorefinery will use corncobs, leaves and stalks as feedstock rather than corn. It will join a proposed Poet plant in Emmetsburg as Iowa’s two next-generation refineries, to go along with 40 corn-fed ethanol plants in the state.

To remain a leader in ethanol production, Iowa must find an efficient, cost-effective way to harvest the tons of biomass left on fields and turn it into biofuel. Federal renewable-energy goals will require refiners to use 36 billion gallons of ethanol a year by 2022, and much of it from sources other than cornstarch. Continue reading