Soil Management, Crop Insurance, and The National Resources Defense Council

Photo by photofarmer; Flickr

According to a report recently released by the National Resources Defense Council, extreme conditions forced the government-supported Federal Crop Insurance Program to pay out a record $2 billion in 2012. The figure could have been sharply lower if proper crop management steps had been taken, the group claims.  Continue reading

Iowa groups use music to teach children environmental literacy

Iowa groups are using music to teach children about environmentalism. Ames Public Library, Iowa State University Extension and Iowa Learning Farms partnered together to create a CD entitled Dogs, Frogs and Nature Songs. The Iowa group Joyful Hearts created the music for this CD.

Wallaces Farmer reports that the songs also serve as a learning aide: Continue reading

NRDC: Iowa’s flood risk has increased

The Natural Resources Defense Council has found that Iowa and the rest of the Midwest will face future heat waves and increased rainfall due to climate change.

The Des Moines Register reports:

A new analysis by the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council shows that the Midwest, including Iowa, is facing higher risks of flood and more heat in an era of climate change. Continue reading

Iowa named top-20 toxic state

Photo by hartanto, Flickr

Iowa was named among the top “toxic 20” states in the U.S. by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Physicians for Social Responsibility. They judged the states’ toxicity by their coal and oil power plant pollution. The nation’s leaders included Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Kentucky. While Iowa was the 20th and final state to make the list, the Quad-City Times reports that the emissions from coal and oil power plants only begin to indicate Iowa’s total air pollution:

Half of the industrial pollutants in the U.S. come from coal- and oil-fired power plants. Nationwide, 381.7 million tons of toxic air pollution comes from the electric sector, the report said.

In Iowa, the picture is different. Continue reading