On the Radio: Our national bird’s troubled history

Photo by Larry Meade, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s discusses the troubled history and promising future of the bald eagle in Iowa.

Did you know that less than 40 years ago there were zero bald eagles nesting in Iowa?

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Bald eagles making a comeback in Iowa City

Photo by Chris Capell, Flickr

The national bird, once-threatened with extinction, has been seen soaring over the Iowa River in the past couple months.

The Iowa-City Press Citizen released a story today highlighting the iconic bird’s return to Johnson County.  These birds have been appearing more commonly all across the state, a phenomenon that local bird enthusiasts are very happy about. 

Check out more of the Press-Citizen‘s coverage here.

Iowa City Bird Club President Karen Disbrow still remembers the first time she saw an eagle in Iowa City many years ago.

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