DNR returns paddlefish to their home

Photo by Joachim S. Muller

The Department of Natural Resources is hard at work to return the endangered paddlefish species to its home. This summer’s floods transported many paddlefish from the Missouri River to a nearby shallow oxbow lake.

KETV reports that although many have already been caught, the DNR’s effort is far from complete:

Officials with the DNR said there could be hundreds of paddlefish that are still trapped in the lake. Crews have been using nets to get the fish back in their natural habitat.

The DNR measures and tags each paddlefish that they catch before putting them back in the river.

For a short video about the paddlefish, visit KETV’s website.

Fort Calhoun emergency alert recinded

Photo by Gordilly, Flickr

As the Missouri River flood waters finally begin to recede, the power plant’s emergency status is finally removed.

The Washington Post reports:

Officials say an idled Nebraska nuclear plant that was entirely surrounded by Missouri River floodwaters earlier this summer is no longer under a flood emergency. Continue reading

Western Iowa experiences natural gas leak

Photo by Bill Roehl, Flickr

Last weekend a natural gas pipeline leaked near the Missouri River floodplain in Monona County.

Read more from NCNewsPress.com:

 A pipeline carrying natural gasoline developed a leak over the weekend, with the potential to lose about 140,000 gallons of gasoline in the Missouri River floodplain southwest of Onawa. Continue reading

Western Iowa business slowed by floods

Photo by .nate, Flickr

The Missouri River flood waters are receding, but Iowa businesses are still struggling to reach their pre-flood efficiency. An Iowa State University survey revealed that the damage from the floods continues to slow businesses in Western Iowa. These hindrances will likely last for months.

The Des Moines Register reports:

About half of respondents say they’re still being affected by flooding, with the majority pointing to transportation — the delivery of orders and receipt of supplies — as the primary disruption. Continue reading

On the Radio: Nuclear power plant surrounded by flood waters

Flooding at Fort Calhoun Plant on June 29, 2011. Photo by Digital Globe Imagery, Flickr

Check out this week’s radio segment here.  It discusses the current flooding at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant near Council Bluffs and potential safety issues all Americans should consider.  You can read the transcript below.

With the Fukushima tragedy still fresh on everyone’s mind it’s time for Americans to consider the safety of our own nuclear power plants. Continue reading

Federal panel looks into nuclear power safety precautions

Missouri River encroaches on homes in Sioux City. Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Flickr

As the power plant just off the shores of the Missouri River continues to be surrounded by water, many Iowans are wondering just how safe they are.

Well in fact, a federal government panel has decided that American nuclear power plants all need to be better protected for catestrophic events such as flooding.

The Associated Press reports:

Calling the Japan nuclear disaster “unacceptable,” an expert task force convened by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has concluded that nuclear power plants in the U.S. need better protections for rare, catastrophic events.

The series of recommendations, included in portions of a 90-page report obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, will reset the level of protection at the nation’s 104 nuclear reactors after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl by making them better prepared for incidents that they were not initially designed to handle. Continue reading