UI hosts first “Telling Your Research Story” seminar

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Last Thursday the Center For Global and Regional Environmental Research helped sponsor a communication seminar entitled “Telling Your Research Story.” The event took place on the University of Iowa campus, and encouraged faculty members to discuss issues and solutions to reaching a wider audience with their research.

UI professors Jerald Schnoor, Meenakshi Gigi Durham, Amy E.T. Sparks and Don Gurnett led the discussion by sharing their success stories in communicating their studies. Afterwards the seminar opened to the audience who expressed their concerns of talking with the press and the potential for some research topics to be misunderstood by the public.

Suggestions for increasing the clarity and distribution of research included:

  • Reach out to on-campus publications
  • Prepare for interviews with reporters; anticipate the questions
  • Be ready to communicate ideas succinctly
  • Realize that your audience may have a limited understanding of the topic
  • Make yourself readily available to reporters post-interview so they can reach you to clarify any complicated statements

Interview with UI’s Dr. Jerald Schnoor

Photo courtesy of the University of Iowa

Dr. Jerald Schnoor is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa, as well as the co-director of the Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research. Dr. Schnoor recently took time out of his busy schedule to detail his current research and discuss how he first became involved in environmental engineering:

I became interested in the environment after following Earth Day in 1970. I was training to be a chemical engineer at Iowa State University, and I thought to myself that these same techniques – basic principles of mass balance and energy balances, and thinking about how momentum is transferred in the environment – could be used for environmental concerns as well as chemical engineering. Continue reading