Report: Coal’s hidden costs to U.S. soar above $345 billion

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Dirty, dangerous and deceptively costly too – a new study by a Harvard researcher estimates that the U.S. spends over $345 billion each year addressing the health and environmental effects of coal.

If factored into the price of electricity, those cost would triple the price, the study found.   Continue reading

On the Radio: Iowa’s Coal problem

Graphic source: Physicians for Social Responsibility

Listen to this week’s audio segment on Iowa’s heavy reliance on coal power.

There are 72 coal-fired power units in Iowa, and they may be damaging our health.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

Ninety-two percent of Iowans live within 30 miles of a coal plant and a third of children attend schools nearby one.  And those plants rank among the oldest and most inefficient in the country, according to a new study released by the Iowa chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Continue reading