Photos: a “beyond-organic” farm

Barney Bahrenfuse and his wife Suzanne Castello run a small farm in Grinnell, Iowa. They raise livestock, including hogs, sheep and cattle. The couple practices sustainability with their farming. They strive to preserve their topsoil, and they try and stay away from using chemicals on their land.

Additionally, Barney and Suzanne take a humane approach toward their animals; all of their livestock are given lots of room to roam. They also avoid giving their animals hormones and antibiotics, opting instead for a more natural approach to farming.

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Photos from Jacob Krumm Nature Preserve in Grinnell

Here’s a gallery of the Jacob Krumm Nature Preserve in Grinnell. Krumm contains miles of trails winding through 50 acres of reconstructed prairie. It’s a great spot for walking, running, bird watching and fishing. For details on Krumm, including how to get there, click here.

On the Radio: Car-sharing helps reduce Iowa’s fuel consumption

Photo by davereid2, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s episode focuses on the benefits of cycling in Iowa.

Car-sharing services are popping up across Iowa to offer transportation flexibility while helping the environment.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

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Grinnell College’s alternative spring break options help the environment

Grinnell College campus. Photo by Amy Nicole, Flickr

During their spring break, a number of Grinnell College students will volunteer their time to help the environment. Some of the students will head to Cedar Rapids to aid flood relief efforts. These efforts include construction and painting in flood recovery areas.

Other students will stay in Grinnell to help sustainable farming efforts. These students will volunteer at Barney Bahrenfuse’s farm and the Grinnell Sustainable Agriculture Project farm.

Bahrenfuse’s farm is “beyond organic”. He avoids chemicals and antibiotics, and his animals are given ample room to roam.

Some of the food produced at the Grinnell Sustainable Agriculture Project farm will be served in Grinnell’s dining hall.

For more information on alternative spring break options, read The Gazette’s article here.