On the Radio: Using Geothermal Energy, West Union Colors Historic Downtown Green

In 2008 West Union was designated a Green Pilot Program by the Iowa Department of Economic Development. Beyond its move to sustainable energy sources, the city has also made streets and sidewalks more pedestrian friendly. Credit: West Union Chamber of Commerce.

 Note: The text in this post has been updated to reflect that West Union has not yet begun to use its district geothermal energy system, but it plans to soon. The audio clip, however, has not been updated. Language in the original post implied that the project had already begun. Construction on the system began last month, according to Robin Bostrom, Executive Director, West Union Chamber of Commerce.

The mistake stemmed from a misinterpretation of language in the report appended below. IEF regrets the error. 

Listen to this week’s radio segment, which details West Union – a 2008 Green Pilot Program – is saving energy while preserving its history. And read about the rest of West Union’s green visionContinue reading