USDA: 95% of Iowa corn is genetically engineered

Cedar Falls cornfield. Photo by Parshotam Lal Tandon; Flickr
Cedar Falls cornfield. Photo by Parshotam Lal Tandon; Flickr

New data released by the US Department of Agriculture shows that 95 percent of Iowan field corn is genetically modified, compared to 93 percent nationally.

Genetically engineered corn includes herbicide tolerant (HT), insect resistant (Bt), and stacked gene varieties that are genetically altered to serve specific purposes. HT crops are designed to survive exposure to specific herbicides, Bt crops are toxic to particular insects, and stacked gene crops have both traits.

Concerns have been raised about various negative consequences of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including loss of biodiversity and corporate control of agricultural resources.

The report comes in the wake of a recently introduced bill that would increase market regulation and federal control of GMOs. The bill has since been referred to the Subcommittee on Health.


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