Environment Iowa Delivers Petition to Protect Iowa Rivers

Photo by cwwycoff1; Flickr


Environment Iowa delivered a petition with over 5,000 signatures to Senator Dick Dearden, chair of the Natural Resources committee. The petition calls on Iowa leaders to reduce runoff pollution from corporate agribusiness.

Environment Iowa is a non-profit, statewide, environmental advocacy program. To learn more about the petition and Environment Iowa, follow this link.

Environment Iowa’s “10 Scary Facts Plaguing Iowa’s Waterways”

Photo by BLW Photography, Flickr.

For Halloween, Environment Iowa released a list of ten discouraging facts about how Iowa’s waterways are being harmed.

The list includes the increasing number of fish kills in Iowa, the large amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen entering the waterways and the small percentage of animal feeding operations with the required environmental permits.

Read the whole list here.

On the Radio: Power plants put Iowans at risk for mercury poisoning

Photo from Environment Iowa's report: "Dirty Energy's Assault on our Health - Mercury"

Listen top this week’s radio segment on the thousands of pounds of mercury that escape Iowa’s power plants. For more information on mercury’s health risks see this post.

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Report: Solar investment would yield thousands of jobs in Iowa


Source: Iowa Policy Project report

Iowa could create thousands of new jobs and economic benefits by incentivizing the development of solar power, according to a new report from the Iowa Policy Project, in collaboration with Environment Iowa, Environmental Law and Policy Center and The Vote Solar Initiative. Continue reading

Report: Power plants put Iowans at risk for mercury poisoning

Photo from Environment Iowa's report: Dirty Energy's Assault on our Health - Mercury

Iowa’s power plants spewed 2,735 pounds of poisonous mercury into the air in 2009 – the 17th highest tally for power plants in the nation, according to a new report from Environment Iowa.

The report comes as the Environmental Protection Agency readies to propose new limits on mercury and other emissions from power plants across the country – one year after a ruling that coal plants, the biggest emitters of mercury, no longer need to keep tabs of how much they releaseContinue reading