New solar projects proposed in Iowa

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Eleanor Hildebrandt | July 15, 2021

Two solar energy projects have been proposed this month in Iowa. One project will take place in Linn County, the other in Dubuque County.

Coggon Solar LLC filed an application last week for permission to build a 640-acre facility in Linn County. The planned acreage would meet the electricity needs of more than 16,000 households. The land is currently utilized for farming. The LLC is a partnership between the Clenera and Central Iowa Power Cooperative. If the application is approved, the county would receive nearly $4.8 million in property taxes. The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported that long-term leases have already been signed by Coggon Solar and property owners on the land where the project plans to be.

Linn County isn’t the only area in Iowa preparing for a new solar energy project. Dubuque’s city council approved funding for a pilot program to help install solar panels on a few residents’ homes. The program will select 10 residents to participate this year, and each will receive $3,285. The program aims to decrease the burden of energy costs on low- to moderate-income households in the city.

Both programs come months after solar tax credits were not renewed by the Iowa Legislature. Hundreds of Iowans lost an average of $3,200 after the credits failed to pass, according to Iowa Capital Dispatch.

Join hikers across the nation for First Day Hikes

First Day Hikes' participants. Photo by vastateparksstaff, Flickr.
First Day Hikes’ participants. Photo by vastateparksstaff, Flickr.

On January 1, outdoor enthusiasts across the nation will participate in the annual First Day Hikes event.

For this event, people meet at designated nature areas at set times on the first day of the new year to go for a hike.  The idea is to promote exercise and nature appreciation for the upcoming year.

In Iowa, the hikes will take place at Big Creek State Park (Polk County), Walnut Woods State Park (Polk County), Mines of Spain State Recreation area (Dubuque County) and Brushy Creek State Recreation Area (Webster County).

For more information, check out the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ website here.