UI engineers check Mississippi River for PCBs

Mississippi River. Photo by bdearth, Flickr.

University of Iowa engineers spent a day collecting core samples from the Mississippi River.

The group of engineers was part of Keri Hornbuckle’s team. Hornbuckle is both a professor in UI’s Civil and Environmental Engineering department and a member of the Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research.

The team will study the core samples to determine PCB levels. This data will then be compared to previous data taken from the Iowa River.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the researchers’ day on the Mississippi River.

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Environmental Experts Speak: UI’s Keri Hornbuckle discusses PCBs and other toxins

Keri Hornbuckle is a professor in the University of Iowa’s Department of  Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is also a member of the Center For Global & Regional Environmental Research. Much of Hornbuckle’s research involves measuring and studying toxins in the environment. She recently discussed some of her current projects with Iowa Environmental Focus.

Hornbuckle began by giving an overview of her work:

“My work is part of the Iowa Super Fund Research Program, which focuses on PCBs – in particular, airborne PCBs or potentially airborne PCBs. Continue reading