US offering to destroy Syrian chemicals at sea

Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center; Flickr

AP – The Obama administration is offering to destroy some of Syria’s deadliest chemical weapons in international waters aboard a nearly 700-foot, U.S. government-owned ship.

The plan would involve destroying the weapons, likely aboard the MV Cape Ray in the Mediterranean Sea, with U.S. Navy warships patrolling nearby.

This approach would avoid diplomatic, environmental, and security problems posed by disposing of the materials on any nation’s soil

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Government Shutdown Could Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

Photo by openmediaboston; Flickr

The U.S. government shutdown is making it harder for the State Department to review the Keystone XL pipeline permit process, a State Department official said on Thursday, which could delay President Barack Obama’s decision on the project. Continue reading

Environmentalists seek funding for Iowa prairie

Photo by Gordilly, Flickr.
Photo by Gordilly, Flickr.

Environmentalist around Iowa are sending a letter to President Obama encouraging him to provide funding to a program that could help maintain Iowa’s two biggest sections of prairie.

The two prairie sections are the Neal Smith restored prairie near Des Moines, and the Loess Hill preserved prairie.

The program seeking funding is the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The Iowa environmentalists that drafted the letter hope the fund will receive $900 million.

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Obama to discuss wind energy tax credits in Newton

Photo by TushyD, Flickr.

President Barack Obama will visit a wind turbine blade manufacturer in Newton, Iowa today to promote two wind energy tax credits that are set to expire at the end of 2012.

The president intends to warn Iowans that the loss of the Production Tax Credit and the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Credit will hurt Iowa’s economy.

“This isn’t guesswork,” said Heather Zichal, deputy assistant to the president for energy policy. “We know from the past that when these credits lapse, orders for wind turbines slow, installations drop and job losses occur.”

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