Frigid weather threatens Decorah eagle eggs

Photo by Brendon Lake, Flickr.
A bald eagle nest in Iowa.
Photo by Brendon Lake, Flickr.

This winter’s polar vortex is expected to generate subzero low temperatures and daytime temperatures hovering around ten degrees for over a week, threatening the Decorah eagle’s eggs.

The pair laid their first egg on Sunday and more are expected to arrive this week.

In order to keep the eggs from freezing, one of the parents will have to stay on the nest at all times.

To read more about the Decorah eggs in peril, head to the Gazette. Or, the eagle pair and their nest can be live streamed here.


Decorah Eagle Cam eaglets arrive

Photo captured from the Raptor Resource Project's Decorah Eagle Cam.

The Raptor Resource Project welcomed two new eaglets into the Decorah Eagle Cam family this week, with a third and final eaglet expected to arrive very shortly.

Millions of viewers worldwide have tuned in to the Decorah Eagle Cam since its installation in 2009.

Watch the live cam here, or continue reading for recorded videos of the eaglets hatching.

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On the Radio: Our national bird’s troubled history

Photo by Larry Meade, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s discusses the troubled history and promising future of the bald eagle in Iowa.

Did you know that less than 40 years ago there were zero bald eagles nesting in Iowa?

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Decorah Eagle Cam spies two new eggs

Photo captured from the Raptor Resource Project's Decorah Eagle Cam.

A pair of eggs were recently discovered in the nest of a famous Iowa bald eagle family, and thousands tuned in to observe the birds via a webcam installed by the Raptor Resource Project.

The first egg was laid on February 17th, and the second egg was laid on February 20th.

The webcam has earned the birds a fair bit of national attention – millions of viewers have accessed the camera since it’s installation in 2009.

For more information, and to view a live stream of the eagles, check out the Raptor Resource Project’s Decorah Eagle Cam.

Bald Eagle Appreciation Days this weekend

Bald eagle near Davenport, IA. Photo by LSykora, Flickr.

This upcoming weekend, Keokuk will hold its 28th annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days.

The event will include guided bird watching, environmental exhibits and seminars, and live bird presentations.

The bald eagle population has fluctuated greatly in both Iowa and the rest of the country over our nation’s history. Estimates indicate that there were 100,000 eagle pairs in the lower 48 states at the time of European settlement in North America. By 1960 there were less than 4,000 eagles left. This decline is attributed to direct human disturbance, habitat loss and pesticides.

In Iowa, there was no known evidence of bald eagle nesting after 1905. Thanks in large part to a series of bald eagle protective acts, the specie’s population has increased dramatically in both Iowa and the rest of the U.S. over the past 50 years. Continue reading