Grain Processing Corp. on track to meet environmental regulations

Muscatine. Photo by Mike Willis, Flickr.
Muscatine. Photo by Mike Willis, Flickr.

The Grain Processing Corp. announced that it’s on track to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s limits on fine particulate matter (small particles that pollute the environment and can cause respiratory health problems).

The factory is constructing a new dryer house, which will be operation in 2015 and will reduce emission by 82 percent after five years. The project will cost $100 million.

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Report: Quad Cities area ranks near last nationally in short-term particle pollution

Credit: Señor Codo, Flickr

Air quality varies across the rest of Iowa, according to American Lung Association report 

Quad Cities residents can’t quite breathe easy.

That’s because their region ranks 25th in short-term particle pollution – a phenomenon, which increases their risk of heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks and possible early death, according to a new report by the American Lung Association.

Quad Citians join nearly 61 million people across the US, who live in areas prone to unhealthy spikes in particle pollution. Continue reading