Ecuador sees floods, landslides

Via Flickr.

Eleanor Hildebrandt | February 4, 2022

Ecuador’s capital saw massive flooding this week resulting in a landslide that killed 24 people.

Quito firefighters are continuing to search homes and streets across the city that are covered in mud still. 75 liters of rain per square meter fell this week, the highest amount since 2003, Aljazeera reported on Tuesday. Prior to the rain, weather forecasts predicted the total to be two liters per square mile.

The downpour caused a water collection structure in the city to overflow. The result of the overflow was a deadly stream on a nearby hill. 46 people were injured and many are still unaccounted for as mud and debris swept over homes.

Quito authorities have mobilized heavy machinery to clear off roads and get power back up in the city. Tuesday’s event was not the first deadly rain in recent history for Ecuador. Since October 2021, the country has seen 22 heavy rains that have killed 18 and injured 24. Climate change is intensifying the risk of heavy rains across the globe and other extreme weather events. Scientists have voiced the need for urgent action from many countries’ leadership to prevent climate disasters.

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