Public input opportunities begin in Iowa on proposed carbon pipeline

Via Iowa Capital Dispatch.

By Eleanor Hildebrandt | December 1, 2021

Iowa residents voiced concerns at the Iowa Utilities Board held the first public meeting regarding the Navigator CO2 Venture’s pipeline plan on Nov. 30 in Lyon County.

Public meetings will continue to be held throughout the state to gage how Iowans feel about the potential pipeline that will go through Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Illinois if it’s approved. Within the state of Iowa, dozens of counties will be impacted by the proposed carbon capture and sequestration system. Navigator CO2 Venture’s looks to provide Midwest customers with carbon capture and storage.

Lyon County residents were unhappy with the proposal, according to Iowa Public Radio, and united against the company. In recent months, the Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club has come out against the plan alongside other environmental groups.

This proposal comes alongside a carbon sequestering pipeline idea from Heartland Greenway. The second proposal would be in similar state to Navigator’s, but Iowa would be impacted the most by the pipeline if approved, because it cuts diagonally across the state.

There will also be public meetings starting next week regarding the Heartland proposal as well. The meetings are in a variety of counties at different times. Residents can show up to as many as they’d like to voice concerns or support.

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