Green Iowa AmeriCorps offers free home energy audits

Via Flickr.

Eleanor Hildebrandt | November 19, 2021

Green Iowa AmeriCorps is offering energy audits and weatherization services to residents of six cities in the state.

The organization is a community service program based at the University of Northern Iowa focusing on environmental education and stewardship. Free audits are open to Iowans in Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Decorah, Des Moines, Dubuque, and Iowa City. According to Green Iowa AmeriCorps’ website, the audit process begins with an assessment of how much energy a home consumes. From there, home owners can learn about measures they can make to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Weatherization services specifically aims to seal drafts and prevent the loss of conditioned or heated air.

560 homes have been audited in Iowa City alone, according to The Daily Iowan. The program has operated in the city for five years. The audits can help lessen heating and air conditioning costs by offering home owners more insight on their residences. Alongside identifying potential problems, audits can also make corrections to a home to make residents more comfortable indoors.

Free audits can be signed up for via the Green Iowa AmeriCorps website or this Google Form. The audits do not have an end date yet.

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