Green State Credit Union, Big Grove Brewery partner to support water quality

Via Flickr.

Eleanor Hildebrandt | November 5, 2021

Iowa’s Big Grove Brewery partnered with Green State Credit Union to create a beer to donate to the Iowa Environmental Council’s initiatives to clean the state’s waterways.

The “Greener State of Mind” beer was developed and put on the shelves of grocery and liquor stores in Iowa City in October. All of the funds raised by sales will go to the Iowa Environmental Council to improve Iowa waterways according to The Daily Iowan. Specifically, the money will go to “advocate for clean water and land stewardship, clean energy, and a healthy climate.”

The citrus pale ale features a graphic of Iowa’s rivers and waterways alongside the credit union’s green tree logo. The beer sold out in less than a month and can no longer be found on shelves. Head of Brand Marketing at Big Grove Brewery Janelle Buxton told the DI she is optimistic about raising more than $25,000 for the Iowa Environmental Council. Cleaning up the state’s waterways is currently one of the council’s main priorities when it comes to environmental advocacy alongside retiring coal plants in Iowa, focusing on energy efficiency, and increasing renewable energy usage.

This is the inaugural partnership between the two companies, but they plan to collaborate in the future and donate funds to other causes.

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