University of Iowa’s Stratis Giannakouros Shares How We Can Help the Climate

Via Flickr

Josie Taylor | August 26, 2021

Many people often feel overwhelmed when they hear about climate change. Is there anything we can do? Stratis Giannakouros, director of the University of Iowa Office of Sustainability and the Environment told the Cedar Rapids Gazette some options for everyday people. He also emphasized that large scale government action will help the most with the crises going on right now. 

One huge way that most people contribute to greenhouse gas emissions is through driving a car that burns fossil fuels. Most cars release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Giannakouros said that if more people drove electric cars, those carbon dioxide emissions would decrease. 

Everyone will likely not be able to switch out their car for a new one right now, but something that everyone can do is try to consume less. Giannakouros suggests that when shopping for something like toiletries, try to get the one that uses less packaging. Are there times when you can buy something reusable instead of disposable? Try getting that. 

As stated earlier, Giannakouros mentions that the most impactful change will have to come from within the government. People can pressure their representatives to make changes and vote for people who are committed to ending climate change. Climate change is an overwhelming crisis, but there are steps everyone can take to help the situation. 

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