U.S. EPA and German Authorities Accuse Tesla of Violating Environmental Rules

Via Flickr

Maxwell Bernstein | April 28, 2021

In separate allegations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and German authorities accused electric car maker Tesla of violating environmental rules according to CNBC.

The EPA accused Tesla of failing to comply with federal emissions standards for hazardous air pollutions, specifically, from the “surface coating” of their vehicles. Tesla’s car plant in Fremont, CA has a history of fires, improper cleaning, and maintenance. Tesla worked on improving their paint facilities in 2020.  

German authorities fined Tesla 12 million euros (roughly $14.5 million) for failing to make public notifications to fulfill their obligation to receive old batteries from customers. By law in Germany, electric car makers are required to take back batteries and dispose of them in an environmentally sustainable manner. Tesla wrote in a filing, “This is primarily relating to administrative requirements, but Tesla has continued to take back battery packs.”

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