Facebook Takes Actions to Tackle Climate Misinformation

Maxwell Bernstein | March 2, 2021

Facebook is taking action to label posts about climate change to tackle misinformation, according to EcoWatch. In late February in the U.K., Facebook launched a trial that automatically placed information banners on posts about climate change to direct Facebook users to recognized organizations.

These banners, which are created by Facebook’s Climate Science Information Center, direct people to organizations such as NOAA, NASA, the UN, the World Meteorological Organization, and more.

“The Climate Science Information Center connects people on Facebook with science-based news, approachable information and actionable resources from the world’s leading climate change organizations,” Facebook said on their news page. “The center includes detailed deep dives that go beyond the basic facts, as well as ways to get involved.”

Similar trials to the one in the U.K. are expected to expand to other countries.

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