EPA Administrator Hints to Trump’s Second Term Approach to Environmental Issues

Via Flickr

Maxwell Bernstein | September 4, 2020

If re-elected, President Trump will weaken environmental regulations that have delayed Superfund Cleanup projects, Andrew Wheeler, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator said to The Wall Street Journal

This announcement from Wheeler comes after the EPA was permitted by the Trump administration to issue 3,000 waivers for oil, gas, and farm operations to bypass environmental rules. The Trump administration also faced a lawsuit from nine environmental activist groups who sued over changes made to the 1970 National Environmental Policy Act.  

Trump’s approach to deregulations and changes to current environmental policies have a stark contrast to presidential candidate Joe Biden who unveiled a multifaceted, $2 trillion plan to fight climate change. With 60 days until the 2020 election, Americans will have to choose between different approaches to handling a rapidly evolving climate crisis.

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