The environment–and our infrastructure–is interlinked

millennium bridge at night
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

Natalia Welzenbach-Marcu | March 6th, 2019

With conversations about the environment continuing in the wake of climate change and extreme weather patterns, changing the way we use energy and altering our infrastructure is more important than ever. Green infrastructure is one of the keys to unlocking a cleaner, brighter, more eco-friendly future, and many major cities in the US have already started transitioning.

San Francisco, for example, is funding multiple green projects and setting budgets for more. Simple things, like rain gardens and water-permeable pavement, can help reduce flooding and can cut down on other costly flood control methods.

Aside from flood benefits, opening up funding for green infrastructure would prompt policymakers to help fund infrastructure repair, since maintaining the quality of bridges, roads, transportation stations, and buildings is essential for keeping people safe. Some suggested ways to intertwine environmental concerns and infrastructure issues include recycling projects that repurpose old materials to make improvements, such as using rubber tires to reinforce and strengthen roads.

Infrastructure issues are not new in the United States, and as environmental problems become points of discussion, working to repair our roads and buildings while incorporating repurposed materials and eco-friendly structures is a way to ensure a brighter future.

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