Iowa caught in an intense flood season

river flooding
The constant rainfall is beginning to affect rivers and creeks in the Midwest (/stock)

Natalia Welzenbach-Marcu | October 9th, 2018

The past few weeks have seen heavy rainfall and constant flash flood warnings for Iowa. Many towns and cities in the central and eastern parts of the state are already experience flooding as their rivers and creeks overflow, with some places battling 6-inch-high water.

Constant flooding and unpredictable rain pose a threat for more than just Iowa’s infrastructure. Iowa farmers have been seeing negative impacts on their crops and property as a result of the inclement weather, with many vendors at the popular Farmer’s Market in Davenport taking breaks during the storms and losing profit as a result. The struggle continues at the farm as well; rain creates mud, and mud slows down the process of harvesting vegetables considerably. Some plants become suffocated with the water and drown in the too-drenched soil.

While crops are being negatively impacted, cities suffer as well; the damage that water causes to the infrastructure of buildings and urban structures is well-documented at this point. Currently, multiple affected counties in Iowa are waiting on government funding so they can carry out their flood plans. Des Moines plans to buy and remove flood-prone property, but can do nothing until their funding comes through; Parkersburg and Lake City await money for a tornado-safe room and a new generator, respectively. With funding trickling in at a snail’s pace and the rain continuing relentlessly, what transpires in the next few weeks is ultimately up to the weather.

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