Davenport finds alternative ways to combat flooding

The Mississippi River is a key feature of the Quad Cities. (/source)

Natalia Welzenbach-Marcu | October 2nd, 2018

In the midst of heavy flooding season, Davenport has found alternative ways to deal with the overflow of its Mississippi river.

The Mississippi is one of the largest and longest rivers in the world. In Davenport, this body of water is especially large, several times the width of the Iowa River.

Unlike many communities, Davenport prefers not to barricade the water; the river is a very important part of the city’s identity and residents vehemently protested any possibility of no longer seeing or interacting with the Mississippi. Bike trails, playgrounds, and parks all snake along the river; the Blues Fest and fourth-of-July fireworks are common occurrences. Blocking the view of the river is out of the question for many, so city officials have had to come up with alternative ways to combat flooding.

Many times the responses to floods are last-minute water pumps and road closures. This approach is significantly more time-costly than levees and walls, but residents are grateful for what they get in return: a city that’s opened its arms to green spaces and public events.

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