University of Iowa, for All Of Us

The National Institutes of Health is dedicated to uniting healthcare fronts for physical and environmental safety (/source)

Natalia Welzenbach-Marcu | June 12th, 2018

The University of Iowa has decided to join the National Institutes of Health in its mission to educate the American public on pressing health issues. The mission plan, called the “All Of Us Research Program“, aims to fund and gather data from various studies on the health and behavioral habits of Americans in the hopes of building a database to reference for medical, sociological, and environmental purposes.

All Of Us is a voluntary initiative, and members of the research team request information from potential candidates via email and online outlets. Candidates are asked to provide anything from blood samples, family health and history, diet and exercise habits and a range of other things.

The aim is to reach underrepresented populations and help them, through data-building. Impoverished and undocumented demographics are especially at a significantly high risk health-wise, as many people in these groups face major barriers when seeking out healthcare. The environments they live in can often be detrimental as well, with many undocumented families settling for dangerously polluted areas as cleaner environments are often inaccessible. The University hopes that, by joining this movement, they can help the National Institutes of Health eventually eradicate environmental poverty and health risks.

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