What is the value of water?

This week’s episode of “Our water, our land” challenges Iowans to think about the resource of water.  (UI International Programs/flickr)

Katelyn Weisbrod | June 8, 2018

Water is a tricky resource to protect in Iowa. No one owns the water, yet many take it for granted.

The value of water is brought into question in this week’s episode of “Our Water, Our Land” from the Drake University Law Center. Professor Neil Hamilton points out that Iowa has few regulations compelling citizens to protect its thousands of miles of rivers, compared to the legal protections and general awareness for soil health. Frankly, he says, individuals don’t think about the water much.

Hamilton attests that the viewpoint on water regulation thus far is that it is unnecessary — the general attitude is that people will voluntarily do their part in keeping the water clean. Clearly, that isn’t working. Iowa’s water quality is dismal.

It’s not just the role of farmers and lawmakers, either, he says. Everyone should have a hand in protecting Iowa’s water resources.

To learn more, watch the full episode below.

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